Cyrus Habib Earns Endorsement of The Stranger

According to The Google—ALL HAIL—our lieutenant governor is a freaky mash-up of a public office. It’s a legislative-executive hybrid who presides over the state senate, figures out which bills move forward, heads up a committee on economic development and international relations, and fills in for our governor when they’re out of state. State senator Cyrus Habib wants to use the office to advocate for causes he’s passionate about, such as getting K–12 public schools fully funded, per the state supreme court’s McCleary ruling. One of the best parts of the gig is that the LG has a bully pulpit—which could be used to put a check on Republicans, Habib told the SECB. Sitting lieutenant governor Brad Owen, who has publicly stated he’s no fan of Habib’s activist intentions, is not running for reelection. (THANK GOD—Owen’s a tool.) Instead, Habib is running against Marty McClendon, a pastor, a conservative talk-show host, and—surprise!—a Donald Trump supporter. (Whose Pussy Would Jesus Grope, Pastor Marty?) Habib, who is blind, is the son of Iranian immigrants and he isn’t voting for Donald Fucking Trump. In his two years in the state senate, Habib made waves with his support for improved political representation for minorities, improving education access for students with disabilities, and paid sick leave. Habib belongs in the LG’s bully pulpit and McClendon isn’t fit to occupy the pulpit he already has. Vote Habib.