Accommodating pregnant workers is key step toward gender equality

THIS year marks the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, landmark legislation that has opened the door to economic opportunity for millions of Americans, myself included. Having lost my eyesight to childhood cancer, I benefit from the ADA’s guarantee of reasonable accommodations in the workplace, without which blind people like me would have … READ MORE

State Sen. Cyrus Habib to run for lieutenant governor

OLYMPIA — State Sen. Cyrus Habib, a Kirkland Democrat, announced Friday he will run for lieutenant governor in the 2016 election, and hopes to make that office a “megaphone” for issues such as education reforms and action on climate change. Lt. Gov. Brad Owen said Friday he hasn’t decided whether he’ll run again for the … READ MORE

State senator announces he’s running for lieutenant governor

OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) — Washington state Sen. Cyrus Habib, D-Kirkland, has announced he is running for lieutenant governor. Habib, the Senate Democratic whip, is seeking the seat currently held by Democrat Brad Owen, who has been in office since he was first elected in 1996. Habib said in a statement Friday that he wants to … READ MORE

Sen. Cyrus Habib pushes bill for legislative YouTube testimony

A bill to modernize the process of legislative testimony and open the doors to state government for people across the state advanced today, as it passed the House of Representatives on a 96-2 vote. The bill previously passed the Senate on a unanimous 46-0 vote. The bill would create a process for people to record … READ MORE

Push for climate-change vote stalls state Senate

OLYMPIA — The state Senate’s Democratic minority Friday invoked a sense of déjà vu when — like the Friday before — it brought the chamber to a halt during work on a Republican bill. This time, the issue was an Democratic amendment to a GOP energy bill that would force senators to vote on whether … READ MORE

Senator-elect Cyrus Habib named Senate Democratic Whip

Senator-elect Cyrus Habib (D-Kirkland) was named to the key leadership position of Whip by his fellow Senate Democrats today. The position, which is responsible for party discipline and strategy, is considered one of the top leadership positions in the Senate. Habib was recently elected to the State Senate to replace controversial Senate Majority Leader Rodney … READ MORE