Thanks to you, I’m the next Lieutenant Governor


We did it! Thanks to your unwavering support, I’ve been elected to be Washington State’s next Lieutenant Governor!

It was 418 days ago when I announced my campaign, and I’ve spent the past fourteen months traveling to every part of this great state, making the case that we deserve a Lieutenant Governor who will be our COO (Chief Opportunity Officer), leading the State Senate and partnering with Governor Inslee to expand educational, economic and political access for everyone.

With your help, we won an eleven-way primary, overcame racist attacks from my opponent and his supporters, and earned the endorsement of Democrats and Republicans alike as well as every endorsing newspaper in the state.

And yesterday our hard work paid off when the voters elected me by a margin of twelve percentage points!

I’d like to give special thanks to my campaign manager and political director, Miranda Roberts, who has been my stalwart partner throughout this past year, managing a statewide field operation, a seven-figure budget, and a complex political environment. This victory also wouldn’t have been possible without Katherine Bobman, my tireless and brilliant finance director. Thanks also go to Christian Sinderman, Erin Schultz, Dan Kully, Cathi Bright, and Mario Brown, who have each played a critical role in making this win a reality.

And, most importantly, my thanks go to all of you, who honored me with your votes, volunteer hours, financial resources, ideas, and encouragement.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have you on my side!

Finally let me say this: at this time of uncertainty and high anxiety, I am more committed than ever to ensuring that our state remains a bastion of inclusion, civility, and shared opportunity.  As Secretary Clinton has said so often about our country, let me say this about our state: Washington is great because Washington is good.  Thank you for giving me an opportunity to put that creed to work as Lieutenant Governor.

Warmest regards,